• Technical documentation: manuals, maintenance and service manuals, etc.
  • Marketing and communication
  • Software and user interface texts

 Marketing texts:

  • Marketing-oriented copywriting, transcreation, target group-oriented style

Academic translations:

  • Humanities-related texts, with a concentration on language and literature


  • Technical, contextual and stylistic editing of translations and other texts
  • Stylistic editing and adaptation of existing texts
  • Expert assessment of translation services

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Translation prices are calculated according to the number of words in the original text and the price per word.

The price per word may vary, depending on the task (translation or proofreading), language combination, field and the level of difficulty of the original text.

If a text contains literal repetitions, it can often be translated more quickly. In such cases, discounts may apply. 

I am happy to provide non-binding quotations.

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In the vast majority of cases, a translator can best translate texts into his mother tongue, as this is the only language he has mastered with all its subtleties. Many translators translate from multiple source languages into their native language.

As a freelance translator, I enjoy being part of an extensive network of colleagues who work with other language combinations.

Please feel free to inform me if you require different language combinations than those I offer.

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